Tuesday, 16 October 2012

chords and lyrics hosanna in the highest

                                                    HOSANNA IN THE HIGHEST 

      G                 D   
Ho-san-na   Ho-san-na  
        Em                   C      D
Ho-san-na  In The High-est  (2)
 C                D                      G    Em
LORD,we Lift Up Your Name
C                  D                      G    Em
With Our Hearts Full Of Praise
C          D              G         D    Em
Be Ex-alt-ed, O LORD, My GOD
        Am                 D       G
Ho-san-na In The High-est


Glor----y,  glor-----y

 Glor----y,  to the King Of Kings

Glor-----y, to the King Of Kings

Glor-----y,  glor-----y

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